Strategic Site Identification / Sourcing

At Matrix Synergies we take a very comprehensive and strategic approach in identifying or sourcing the location for the ATMs. Every Financial Institution have some key objectives for an ATM Presence. We will consider these objectives along with several other Key factors listed below for identifying an ATM Location.


Brand Presence and Visibility

Matrix Synergies considers Brand Visibility as one of the important criteria for an ATM location. All factors that give maximum Brand Presence along with Brand competition will be evaluated for every site location. In certain cases the main objective for an ATM presence could be just for the competitive reasons alone.


Location Feasibility and Benefits

Matrix Synergies conducts a survey to identify the Location benefits. The survey is taken up considering the Primary objectives of the location and several influencing factors including Foot Traffic, Vehicle Traffic, Population, Demography, and vicinity of Commercial complexes. This comprehensive report will be published to the Financial institution.


Economical Feasibility

Matrix Synergies performs economic feasiblity analysis based on Objectives, important contributing parameters and statistical values to determine cost to profitability evaluation for every location. This feasiblity document is submitted to the Financial Institution.


Technical and Infrastructure Feasibility

Matrix Synergies does a due diligent study on Technical and Infrastructure feasibility of the site in the initial phases itself to find out if the Site location has the Technical and Infrastructure capability for an ATM deployment.


Other Services

Managed Services

We understand that each ATM is unique in every aspect and involves several key activities which are perfectly managed by


Total Implementation Services

Matrix Synergies provides Total Implementation Services for the complete end to end ATM Setup right from Site Identification to


Site Maintenance and support service

Our diligent Maintenance Services includes Care taker, House keeping and several other tasks ensuring a pleasant


BPO & Consultancy services

Matrix Synergies will take care of a wide array of Business processes. Our efficient and Quality process integrate well