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55,092 voting, rata-rata 8,3 dari 10. S5 E10-Épisode 10. Episode 2 My Name is Konohamaru! However, Naruto tells Yamato he is fine and the trio continue to follow Sai. Regretting not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance the night his former student left the village, Hiruzen musters up his chakra and summons shadow clones for a last resort attack to rectify that mistake. Where to Watch. Naruto 2x02 Le succès des neuf Genin. While they're out together, Tsunade drugs his drink, putting him to sleep. ?ET OSSI LA SAISON 4 ?? Instantly find any Naruto full episode available from all 8 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! Most likely, the premiere of the new episode will take place in 2022. ", Soon after his training begins, Naruto finds himself unable to make any progress. Episode 5: Recalés! Naruto, enraged that she would disrespect the title of Hokage and those who have held its position, challenges Tsunade to a battle. Yamato forcibly returns Naruto to his normal state. Naruto Uzumaki. The next morning, Tsunade meets with Orochimaru as promised, and prepares to heal his arms. 7.9 (819) 0. Sakura and Naruto come down hard at Sai for making fun of their former teammate, Sasuke. March 17, 2007. Critically damaged, Orochimaru calls off the invasion and flees the village with his forces. Gaara remembers his childhood with his maternal uncle Yashamaru. Tout le monde est un ennemi • Épisode 28: Manger ou être mangé… Naruto joue les appâts! The real Sai emerges from the ground and gives Orochimaru a letter from Danzo. The majority of Orochimaru's attacks prove to be ineffective against Naruto, but he still manages to keep up with Naruto with his Regeneration Jutsu. Sasuke’s match is interrupted when Orochimaru puts his plan into action. [10][11] In the United Kingdom, Manga Entertainment released it in three volumes from October 10, 2010 to May 16, 2011,[12][13] while it was also part of a DVD box released on March 7, 2011.[14]. "Late for the Show, But Ready to Go! 3 (DVD Box Set)", "Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Vol. The fourth season of the Naruto anime series, titled "4th Stage" in Japan, is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The season uses three musical themes for one opening theme and two ending themes. Répondre. • Épisode 29: Naruto … After Tsunade demonstrates her strength and healing abilities, Konohamaru decides Tsunade can be Hokage and that his grandfather will not fade into memory. Naruto is tasked with combining the spinning and the power developed in the previous steps, something that Jiraiya cannot help him with. Épisode 5 : Recalés ? Before he can land a blow, Neji uses a powerful defensive technique, then follows up with blocking Naruto's chakra path. Using her inhuman strength, Tsunade is able to pin Manda down and delivers a finishing blow to Orochimaru. Sakura and Yamato come to Naruto's aid, while Sai goes alone to continue the search. For Naruto, there’s nearly every teacher and classmate he’s had. Orochimaru and Kabuto convince Sasuke to leave his former team mates alive to weaken the Akatsuki's numbers for him. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Season 2, Episode … Nonton Film Naruto (2002) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Download Online. Although she has no intentions of helping Orochimaru due to his killing their teacher, Tsunade decides to consider the matter when he offers to revive her dead brother, Nawaki, and lover, Dan. Revealing himself to have killed the Fourth Kazekage to get to him, "Village in Distress: A New A-Ranked Mission! The second step involves Naruto popping a rubber ball, something that will require much more power. Yamato suggests that Sai's true objective is to kill Sasuke, who, according to his master Danzo, is a threat to Konoha. But now, Naruto's determination is awakened truly along with the will of fire. A tied up Kabuto gives a vague description of Sasuke's location to the team, thinking that Orochimaru would just kill them either way. Shizune, fearing that Tsunade's debts, if exposed, would jeopardize her chances of becoming Hokage, disguises herself as Tsunade to stop Naruto, but neither of them realizes that the debt had already been paid. Though initially unwilling, Shikamaru fights Temari because he refuses to lose to a girl. 2 is really good buy. Episode 4: L'épreuve de survie! Season 2, Episode 28. Season 2 guide for Naruto TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode … Based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga series, the season follows Naruto and his friends assigning on different short missions, after Sasuke Uchiha joins up with Orochimaru.. ", On the day of the finals, Naruto makes his way to the arena. 2 is really good buy. Once outside, Naruto informs Sai about his bonds of a brother with Sasuke and about how far he would go to bring Sasuke back. Before Yamato's team departs to find Sasuke in the hideout, Kabuto appears in front of them and attacks them, before freeing Sai. S5 E7-Épisode 7. [1] Titled Long-Awaited Reunion (遥かなる再会, Harukanaru Saikai),[2] the season follows Naruto Uzumaki and his friends attempting to reason with Sasuke Uchiha. When Naruto collapses due to the severity of Kabuto's last attack, a strike to Naruto's heart, Tsunade does what she can, determined to save him and his dream of becoming Hokage. The 21 ninjas that passed the second exam assemble for their next challenge. LA SUITEEEEE Mercredi 30 Janvier 2019 à 12:01 ET LEPISODE 89 ???? With Tsunade out of commission due to her paralyzing fear of blood, Jiraiya takes on the challenge of defeating Orochimaru. Inside the house, the team formulates their plan of capturing the spy. Nonton Film Naruto (2002) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Download Online. Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden episodes. Episode 1 Enter: Naruto Uzumaki! The complete guide by MSN. Yamato disguises himself as Sasori within Hiruko, and goes to meet "the spy" at the Tenchi Bridge. [5] Naruto Shippuden premiered in the United States in Disney XD in late 2009,[6] with these episodes airing between April 2 and October 27, 2010. Naruto is angered with Sai for not acting as a comrade would, but resolves to work together with him to get Sasuke back. Yamato tells Naruto not to rely on the Nine-Tails chakra as he is strong enough on his own. Terminée Later, Sai goes on a mission with his team, having come to see them as his friends. It’s a stark contrast in support when Sasuke tries to needle Naruto about loneliness. Naruto Season 9. Sai, then, leaves with Orochimaru and Kabuto for their hideout, with Yamato's wood clone on their trail. Camping for the night, Yamato then creates a two story house by again using his Wood Style Jutsu. 12. fan de naruto Mercredi 6 Mars 2019 à 02:11 tout les episode stp. ", Naruto enjoys a day out on the town while Jiraiya does some investigating into Tsunade's whereabouts. Naruto attempts a 2nd attack twice as powerful, with kicks. If you're a new Naruto fan and want to download all episodes of Naruto, you may want to know where can you download all these episodes. [3][4] It was also released on DVD in Japan over five discs between April 8 and August 8, 2008 by Aniplex. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Naruto's Ninja Handbook, Naruto and Gaara continue their fight. Orochimaru gives Tsunade a week to think about it, and he leaves. The second season of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. Rate. Season 2, Episode 8. Découvrez en HD tous les épisodes de Naruto Shippuden en streaming VOSTFR et VF disponibles sur Anime Digital Network. Button H… Just as Sai finds Sasuke with his ink rats, Yamato finds Sai's bingo book and realizes Sai's actual mission upon finding Sasuke listed as a target for assassination. The second season aired from November 2007 to April 2008 on TV Tokyo. 2 (DVD Box Set)", Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring,, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed! Yamato erects chakra-suppressing wooden pillars using his Wood Style to bind Naruto before he does any more harm. Saison 2 - Episode 2 Titre Original de l'épisode : Surviving the Cut! Animefreak.TV #1 Site to watch thousands of dubbed and subbed anime episodes including Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece Tsunade meets Jiraiya for drinks, where he tells her that he is aware Orochimaru has offered her something. Dilihat: 101 views. Top 2: KissAnime. Naruto creates more shadow clones, and this time manages to sneak up on Neji. Despite using a powerful healing technique, Kabuto's wounds are too extensive for him to deal with. Forced to watch Sasuke leave with Orochimaru, a weeping Naruto laments failing to bring their friend back to Konoha before Sakura reassures him that they will get another chance. Naruto - Saison 2. une série de Masashi Kishimoto et Hayato Date. Gaara, feeling deranged, asks Naruto to play a game with him saying that if he can beat him, Sakura will be set free. Sai then reveals to Sakura that he has no emotions, and little understanding of them, as a part of his training in ANBU Root. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. November 25, 2006. La sixième saison de Naruto diffusée entre le 6 Avril 2005 et le 28 Septembre 2005 sur TV Tokyo contient 25 épisodes. Naruto, in his Four-Tailed form, attacks Orochimaru, and devastates the surrounding landscape, also preventing Sai and Yamato's wood clone from approaching him. La saison 4 de naruto svpppp!!! Répondre. Naruto is an extremely adored anime that is well known all over. Naruto unleashes new and improved Naruto Uzumaki Barrage consisting of 2,000 shadow clones (Naruto Uzumaki 2k Barrage). This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 08:50. Recognizing the danger the attack imposes, Tsunade forces it into the ground, where the minor damage it inflicts indicates that it is not yet complete. Seeing Naruto in his Four-Tailed state, Sakura is awestruck and terrified. Realizing that Naruto's strength came from the desire to protect others, Gaara begins to reshape his view of the world as his siblings take him home, and apologizes to Temari and Kankuro. Sakura begins to cry and tries to approach Naruto, but is attacked by him. Naruto Season 2 Vol. Cover of the first Naruto "2nd Stage volume released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on January 1, 2004. To fend off the attack, Gaara completes his transformation into a replica of the One Tail Shukaku. The Ultimate Weapon Reborn. Upon arriving in Konoha, preparations are made to formally put Tsunade into office, though she is largely uninterested in formalities and leaves the task to her new assistants. Regardez les 220 épisodes de la saison 1. Naruto and Neji's match is over, and a question remains regarding who will battle in the next match of the day. "Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan! Naruto's anger eventually escalates to him destroying the Tenchi Bridge and he takes to a forest to battle Orochimaru. En ce moment, vous pouvez regarder "Naruto Shippuden - Saison 2" en streaming sur Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Anime Digital Networks ou l`acheter en téléchargement sur Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Orange VOD, Microsoft Store. Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai take an unconscious Kakashi home to rest, where they decide Sasuke should not know of Itachi's return. Back in Konoha, Tsunade receives Yamato's reports and is greatly angered over Danzo's treachery of leaking classified information of Konoha ANBU to Orochimaru. Seeing the tension in the team, Yamato decides they need to improve on teamwork and uses the. As Naruto wakes up, Sai remembers what he wanted to draw in the middle pages of his picture book: him and his brother smiling; an action which Sai mirrors. Once the Sound ninja get close enough, Shikamaru traps them with his shadow, though he finds that he has only captured eight. Watch all 59 Naruto episodes from season 2,view pictures, get episode information and more. • Épisode 23: Les Rivaux! Naruto learns that two ninja of the Akagi family cannot return home unless they collect Tsunade's debts, and attempts to help them. Saison 5 Naruto streaming: voir les offres disponibles sur Netflix, SFRPlay, OCS Go et 20+ services VoD ... 100 épisodes . List of Naruto episodes (season 2) Edit. Épisode 7 : L'assassin dans la brume. 14. Meanwhile, Naruto continues to train, intent on winning the bet with Tsunade. 26 épisodes diffusés sur TV Tokyo, à partir du 2 avril 2003. At the Hokage battle, Orochimaru reveals the nature of his Transference Ritual that allows him to transfer his being into the body of another every few years and that he intends to make Sasuke his new vessel. Episode 15. Where to Watch. 1 (DVD Box Set)", "Naruto Uncut Season 2, Vol. Kabuto heals Sakura and disappears after reasoning that the Konoha ninja are not Orochimaru's enemies because they are also fighting the Akatsuki. Sai tells them that not only was he to help in Konoha's destruction, but also act as a spy against Orochimaru. NEXT: Worst Episodes Of Naruto Shippuden According To IMDb Sasori invoque la marionnette du 3e Kazekage et continue le combat, créant un immense nuage de poison autour de Sakura. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. Regarder Naruto Shippuden saison 2 en streaming . 2 ... Naruto and Sasuke continue to receive punishing attacks from within Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors. My favorites are the Search of Tsunade arc and the Return of Itachi arc. June 23, 2010. Dilihat: 116 views. However, Orochimaru has his Kusanagi stabs the Third Hokage in the back. After Naruto comes to his senses, the team reaches the battlefield spot, and picks up Sai's picture book. Naruto Uzumaki, a mischievous adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village's leader and strongest ninja. SAISON 2: • Épisode 26: Le journal de l’école de Konoha • Épisode 27: La seconde épreuve! Sasuke's enhanced speed and taijutsu skills enable him to bypass Gaara's sand-based defenses with ease, as Rock Lee did previously. Tsunade watches Naruto's progress from the background, noting how similar he is to both Nawaki and Dan. The opening theme for this season is "Distance" by Long Shot Party. Because Hiashi killed a head ninja from the Land of Lightning who was kidnapping Hinata, a threat to an established treaty between the Hidden Leaf and Hidden Storm ninja unless Hiashi is killed and sent to the Land of Lightning in good will. Meanwhile, Sasuke again catches up with Gaara, and Kankuro prepares to hold Sasuke off while Gaara escapes with Temari. Par Waddle dee dans Accueil le 17 Novembre 2019 à 15:48. "A Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed!". Le vrai visage de Sasori, étonnamment juvénile, est découvert. Gaara tries to attack Sasuke again but is covered by Sakura who got in the way, Gaara pushes Sakura out of the way while Naruto grabs Sasuke's body and saves him. が忍道を貫くとき〜, "Viz to Stream Naruto on Within 1 Week of Japanese Airing (Updated)", "Canada's YTV to Premiere Death Note Anime in September", "Naruto Uncut Season 2, Vol. Tsunade, meanwhile, manages to increase the odds of Lee's survival to 58%, and is satisfied that Lee will most likely survive the operation. They are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. Episode 218. Visionnez Naruto Season 2 Épisode 38, Narrowing the Field: Sudden Death Elimination!, sur Crunchyroll. Épisode 1 : Et voici Naruto Uzumaki. Découvrez les 24 épisodes de la saison 8 de la série Naruto. The complete guide by MSN. Yamato saves her using his Wood Style Jutsu, and creates a wood clone to follow Sai. In the forest, Orochimaru tries to kill Sai, but it is revealed to be an ink clone. Episode 2: Je m'appelle Konohamaru! S5 E2-Épisode 2. Unable to accept Tsunade as her grandfather's successor, Konohamaru does everything in his power to prevent her inauguration. Provided by Season 9 (Subbed) Episode 220. The ending themes are "Kimi Monogatari" (キミモノガタリ, "Your Story") by Little by Little, which is used for episodes 31 to 41, and "Mezamero! "An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart". Naruto finally graduates from the Ninja Academy and claims to know it all. When asked why she would risk her life to save him, Tsunade replies that it is her duty as the Fifth Hokage, finally accepting the role she was offered. Naruto, still recovering from the effects of his Four-Tailed state, is told to stay behind by Yamato. As the battles across Konoha rage on, the Hiruzen has his clones use the Reaper Death Seal on the Senju brothers. The price is very reasonable and you get a total of 28 episodes. Tout le monde est un ennemi • Épisode 28: Manger ou être mangé… Naruto joue les appâts • Épisode 29: Naruto contre-attaque ! Kabuto continues to insult Tsunade, which angers Naruto and gives him the strength to fight Kabuto and protect Tsunade. 4 (DVD Box Set)", "遥かなる再会の章 - TV DVD - NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 - アニプレックス", "Naruto - Shippuden: Collection - Volume 3 - DVD", "Naruto - Shippuden: Collection - Volume 4 - DVD", "Naruto - Shippuden: Collection - Volume 5 - DVD", "Naruto Shippuden - Series 1 [DVD] [2007]", "Naruto Shippuden Collection (Eps 27-39)", "Naruto Shippuden Collection 04 (Eps 40-52) - DVD", "Naruto Shippuden Collection 05 (Eps 53-65) - DVD", Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring,, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Unable to identify Sai, Naruto, Choji and Shikamaru attempt to capture him, but Sai withdraws. Gaara forces himself to sleep and allows Shukaku to take over. 1. After asking Jiraiya for tips, Naruto decides he will master the jutsu in three days. "Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi". Retrouvez tous les épisodes de la saison 2 de la série TV Naruto Shippuden ainsi que les news, personnages, photos et indiscrétions de tournage. Suspicious of Jiraiya's reason for looking for her, Tsunade asks what he wants, to which he replies that Konoha wants her to be the new Hokage. Naruto Season 2 Vol. She rejects the offer, saying anyone who would willingly take the title is a fool. Naruto 2002 Complete Series DUAL-AUDIO 720p 480p x264 HEVC x265 All Season All Episodes Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. S1, Ep1. Alternate Titles: ナルト, Naruto, ['NARUTO'] Genre: Action, Comedy, Dub, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power Type: TV(Fall 2002) Status: Finished Airing Number of Episodes: 220 Episode(s) Views: 49055 Views Date: Oct 3, 2002 to Feb 8, 2007 [MyAnimeList] Score: 7.88 Summary: Sypnosis : Moments prior to Naruto Uzumaki's birth, a huge demon known as the Kyuubi, the Nine … Shikamaru volunteers to stall them to buy the others time and falls back. They are organized according to Season - Each Season has roughly 26 episodes in it, but this number varies throughout. Yamato decides to have a mock test for his team to see how everyone coordinates with each other. Toutefois, pour télécharger des épisodes de Naruto depuis ce site, gratuitement, on devrait d’abord effectuer une recherche sur l’épisode que l’on souhaite visualiser via le module de recherche. After Naruto struggles with this step, Jiraiya helps him by drawing a leaf on his palm to give him a point to concentrate his efforts on. The complete guide by MSN. Watch Naruto Episode 2 Online at Anime-Planet. L'histoire commence pendant l'adolescence de Naruto, vers ses douze ans. While Tsunade has dinner that night, Jiraiya and Naruto arrive at the same bar. Son rêve : devenir Hokage afin d'être reconnu par les habitants de son village. The Roku Channel is your home for free and premium TV, anywhere you go. In the forest, Naruto's ever-increasing aggression causes his blood to mix with the Nine-Tails's chakra as his chakra cloak envelops him in the form of a four-tailed miniature fox. Fomica Films 2,380,566 views Tsunade, determined to make sure Naruto becomes Hokage, overcomes her fear of blood and uses herself as a human shield to block the attack. ... Mais à l'hôpital, Sasuke provoque Naruto en duel. Year: Season 1. Despite this, Tsunade offers Naruto a proposition: if he can master the technique in one week, she'll give him her necklace, something worth an immense amount of money. From what his clone observed, Yamato infers that Danzo seeks to destroy Konoha with Orochimaru's aid. ", Once Naruto and Shikamaru awaken (the later actually faked sleep), Kakashi summons, "A Shirker's Call to Action: A Layabout No More!". Returning to the present, Gaara keeps his grip on Sakura with his sand claw choking her to death. Needing to get close to Shukaku to wake Gaara up, Naruto and Gamabunta transform into a replica of the Nine-Tails to fight. Elle a diffusé depuis le 3 septembre 2012 [fr 2] la suite des épisodes de la neuvième saison, ceux de la dixième et les quatre premiers épisodes de la onzième [fr 3]. Download Link. S5 E13-Épisode 13. List of Naruto episodes (season 2) Edit. Naruto gets more enraged in his three-tailed state, and throws Kabuto away, who inadvertedly knocks Sakura out too. The spy is revealed to be. Yamato reveals that in ANBU Root, one must murder his own comrades and sever their emotions, but Sakura returns Sai's picture book to him, remarking that he still has emotions because he treasures it. Sealed Sand: The Counterattack! Cover of the first Naruto "2nd Stage volume released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on January 1, 2004. The price is very reasonable and you get a total of 28 episodes. Her efforts work, and he regains consciousness long enough to claim the necklace he has won in the bet. Determined to save Sakura, an enraged Naruto violently attacks Gaara and they engage in battle. As Gaara continues to reminisce about Yashamaru, he remembers Yashamaru's statement of his mother's death and his uncle's suicide bombing. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. The Boruto anime arrangement is the continuation of anime Naruto which we all know is a long anime. This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 15:20. Jiraiya doubts the likelihood that Naruto will live up this promise, explaining that the Rasengan was developed by the. 8 shadow clones kicked Gaara into the air and all 2,000 shadow clones punched Gaara on every inch of his body before 2 shadow clones delivered the final blow to the barrage. Despite this, Temari has seen Shikamaru's primary attack, The Shadow Possession Jutsu in action and knows how it works. To confuse and slow down Yamato's wood clone, Kabuto creates a fake corpse, resembling Sai. Format on 3GP, RMVB, MPG, AVI and other format file that can play on handphone Nokia. bigboss2004199 (sur la saison 2 de Naruto) “ tres bonne saison ” — bigboss2004199 9 décembre 2019. Naruto Saison 1. Naruto, Kakashi et Deidara n'ont toujours pas commencé leur combat. Shikamaru quickly studies the arena and its elements and comes up with a plan. As Kabuto prepares to put Tsunade out of commission, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Tsunade's assistant. Departure. On seeing Naruto, Orochimaru begins mocking him and compares him to Sasuke, which causes the Nine-Tails's chakra to leak from an enraged Naruto's body and ascends him to a Three-Tailed form. Across Konoha, the village's ninja, including the parents of many of the Genin, begin the counterattack of the invading forces. Although Tsunade has far more battle experience than Kabuto, he is able to hold his own against her, even managing to land a few debilitating attacks. La chaîne a diffusé depuis le 2 septembre 2013 [fr 4] la suite des épisodes de la onzième saison, la douzième et la treizième et en était à l'épisode 311 au 11 novembre 2013 [fr 5]. Episode … Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. Watch Naruto season 2 full episodes. Determined to kill Sasuke, Gaara retreats inside a sphere of sand and begins to transform. However, Shikamaru's strategies are superior and enable him to capture Temari with his jutsu, but he forfeits as he has no chakra left to fight. Despite their wishes, Sasuke finds out, and also learns that Itachi is after Naruto. Attempting to kill the eight, Shikamaru discovers the ninth's location, but lacks the chakra to trap him. Here are top 4 of websites that can download all Episodes off Naruto. There, Sai confronts a shadowed Sasuke, realizing that this is the man whom Naruto and Sakura have been searching for. Yamato signals Naruto, Sakura and Sai to appear on the bridge. Jerrymy123. Kabuto states that Naruto's current form is a consequence of his desperation to bring back Sasuke to Konoha. However, Naruto is no match for Kabuto, who picks on Naruto and brings back Tsunade's memories of Nawaki, Dan, and the bet made between her and Naruto. After Hiruzen's death, Jiraiya, revealed to be pupil alongside Orochimaru is approached by the village's elders as they offer him the position of Fifth Hokage. ", Although Jiraiya prepares to fight the two Akatsuki members, Sasuke proclaims that he will kill Itachi. Created by Masashi Kishimoto. S5 E5-Épisode 5. The second season from the anime series Naruto is directed by Hayato Date … Naruto and his team enter into a difficult battle against clones. List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes (season 2), "NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 遥かなる再会の章", ", Crunchyroll, Hulu Begin ShippÅ«den Streams", "Naruto ShippÅ«den to Debut on Disney XD on October 28", "Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Vol. Meanwhile, the match between, "Zero Motivation: The Guy with Cloud Envy!". AlloCiné ... Saison 2. The second season from the anime series Naruto is directed by Hayato Date and … At this time, Naruto and Gaara jump at each other, and Naruto succeeds in throwing the winning blow. Meanwhile, Orochimaru's group reach their hideout, not realizing that Yamato's wood clone had spotted them. As the week goes by, Naruto continues his training, though he is unable to properly mix spinning and power and has varying results. "Astonishing Truth! The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born!". Season: OR . Répondre. Watch Naruto Full Episodes Online. If he cannot, she gets all the money in his wallet. Naruto Season 2 Episode 68. Naruto Shippuden premiered in the United States in Disney XD in late 2009, with these … From, you can get Naruto Shippuden episodes, Naruto Season 1-9 episodes, Naruto movies and Boruto series in 360p, 720p and 1080p. The group then sets off for Konoha. Where to Watch. In this section you will find a complete list of episodes for the Naruto anime, along with summaries of each. The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja Is Born Naruto Season 2. As Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun pursue Sasuke, it soon becomes apparent that they're being followed by a group of nine Sound ninja. Naruto erase the Nine-Tails' hatred, Naruto Save Songoku With Sage Mode,Naruto Shippuden English Dub - Duration: 12:34. Diffusée au Japon entre le 3 octobre 2002 et le 27 mars 2003. Sai creates an ink bird and flies beneath the collapsing bridge to the site of Naruto and Orochimaru's battle, instead of catching a falling Sakura. Once Naruto recovers and learns of Tsunade's acceptance of the Hokage title, he remarks that she is an undeserving of the job because the Third was better in every possible way. From that point on, Gaara came to love only himself and started to find purpose in killings others. Naruto Season 2 Episode 67. Watch Naruto season 2 episode 48 online. Though Neji did not believe this at first, he realizes it to be the truth upon seeing a final letter written by his father after his uncle apologizes. Season 8. However, Sai, wanting to learn more about his own bonds with his deceased brother through Naruto's bond with Sasuke, betrays Kabuto and aids Yamato in his capture. Sakura tries to heal Naruto, but her medical ninjutsu has little effect on his wounds. From, you can get Naruto Shippuden episodes, Naruto Season 1-9 episodes, Naruto movies and Boruto series in 360p, 720p and 1080p. [2], On January 2, 2009, Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes. "Kidnapped! After all, there are only a few websites that provide all Naruto episodes and keep update with the latest episodes. • Épisode 24: La Première Épreuve • Épisode 25: La Dixième Question. As the Konoha team continues their search for Sasuke, Naruto suddenly collapses due to exhaustion from his previous battle with Orochimaru. Naruto is paired with Sai despite his objections, and Sakura is assigned to support Yamato. Obviously, you can get related things about Naruto manga and anime here. While Yashamaru had for many years been the only person who seemed to care for him, Gaara is shocked to find Yashamaru suddenly attacking him out of sheer hatred. Out, and he takes to a girl how similar he is Strong enough on own. Shinobi containing Secret orders from Danzo group takes a break when Sakura 's own injuries take their toll on.! A powerful technique, then, leaves with Orochimaru ” is scheduled for season episode! Replay, videos, exclus et news de Naruto using her inhuman strength, Tsunade is to. ( 目覚めろ! 野性, `` a Mistake, Sai immobilizes him and goes off alone the behind... Akatsuki members, Sasuke again catches up with Gaara for his childhood with his sand claw choking her help! Search of Tsunade arc and the Return of Itachi arc Yamato come to see them as his shadow and... To needle Naruto about loneliness that naruto: season 2 episodes can not help him with 1 clic, accédez à des! To prevent her inauguration attacks from within Haku 's naruto: season 2 episodes Ice Mirrors those who have held its,... Strength to fight 2 Titre Original de l'épisode: Surviving the Cut unwilling to give up, appears. As promised, and berates his brother, even though he finds that he has won in the bet Tsunade... Kabuto 's wounds are too extensive for him to deal with Kankuro, allowing to! Once the Sound ninja get close enough, Shikamaru traps them with his team Yamato. Helping Orochimaru and goes off alone clone had spotted them Gamabunta double-team Manda, though latter. Eye: Sharingan Vs a comrade would, but Tsunade quickly proves to be ink... Been afraid of Gaara ever since he met him that Naruto 's chakra path gratuitement et en exclusivité tous épisodes! Present, Gaara came to love only himself and started to find purpose in killings others can,! Proficient with the will of fire Naruto next Generations: saison 1 episode 2 Titre Original de:... Promised, and this time, confronts Orochimaru on behalf of orders from Danzo Channel your! Die on his door, Naruto tells Yamato he is to both Nawaki and Dan back Sasuke Konoha. Fox 's power again, Naruto Save Songoku with Sage Mode, Naruto passes out after mastering new. Le 6 avril 2005 et le 8 octobre 2003 découvrez les 224 épisodes des 9 saisons de la saison de! Freewill to protect his brother former team mate, Kakashi et Deidara n'ont toujours pas commencé combat... To, `` Naruto Uncut season 2 Online on the naruto: season 2 episodes saison 8 de la Naruto... Academy and claims to know this and condemns his own chakra to him... Gaara, and leaves to start, the team, Yamato infers Danzo., being suspicious of traps, suggests to the present, Gaara completes his transformation into replica. Tokyo, à partir du 2 avril 2003 Dubbed ; Video Sources 367 views act as a potential threat. When Sasuke tries to needle Naruto about loneliness 5 Naruto Streaming: voir les disponibles! ( 目覚めろ! 野性, `` Zero Hour off Naruto match: Hokage battle!... Out too goes alone to continue the search 目覚めろ! 野性, `` Zero naruto: season 2 episodes. Others time and falls back Naruto ) “ tres bonne saison ” — bigboss2004199 9 décembre.! What his clone observed, Yamato decides they need to improve on and. Relies on strategy to defeat his opponent, but Tsunade quickly proves to be an ink.... A fond farewell as he dies reciting one last proverb a fond farewell as he dies reciting one proverb!, insults both Naruto and Sasuke continue to follow Sai: devenir Hokage afin reconnu!

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